Jian Sword Dance

OK, this is just for entertainment value.

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Slow Motion Tai Chi

In our Tai Chi class, Melissa likes to do the form slowly, to get the most out of it and concentrate on body awareness. Linda teases her and calls her Molasses. (in a nice way).

Here’s Taiji Man doing the form reeealy slow. You can tell the video was sped up by watching the water and the ducks. The second part of the video is in Real Time.


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Baoding Balls

I wish I had the coordination to do this.

Maybe if I practiced?

Here’s where to buy some Baoding Balls for yourself.

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Tai Chi Ball

Here’s some cool moves with a large ball.

I like the music but it doesn’t really match the mood of the video. It’s ‘Bring Me to Life’ by Evanescence.

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Yin Yang Dragons

Here’s a shot of Mrs. Geezer’s latest Stained Glass project. You should click it to see it better.

In the background of this photo of Teh World Famous Power Lines, you can see the Dragons. John used a big saw blade for his creation and had Mrs. G. do the eyeball. I told him that he will end up selling it to a Martial Arts studio. The stand is made out of a solid block of Walnut and cost him just under $200. He wants about $600 for the whole thing. You can email him here: JohnsRealty at MSN dot com.

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Tai Chi Yang Short Form ~ Dave Lewis

We asked our excellent Tai Chi instructor, Dave Lewis, if we could film him doing the Yang short-form so we could refer to it when we practiced at home.
He was gracious enough to do this as a favor to us.
Normally he would do the form a lot slower.

You can blame me and my poor Garage Band skilz for the music.

Dave’s website is: http://WhiteCrane-ma.com

UPDATE: I tried adding ‘annotations’ to identify the moves but it was hard to get them all listed, within the time frame.

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Terence Dunn

Terry Dunn has the best Tai Chi instructional video on the market.

Here is a taste from the intro to his video.

His website is http://taichimania.com

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