Push Hands? more correctly, Search Center?

Tonight my Tai Chi instructor told me about a Sensei in British Columbia who disagreed with the nomenclature ‘Push Hands’. He thought a more ideologically correct description would be, ‘Search Center’.

This is what I found when I searched for him.


Master Wang, is now residing in Comox, British Columbia, Canada. He is an international champion in tai chi and has been teaching for twenty years. He has brought innovative ideas to traditional tai chi and these have culminated in his seven principles which apply to all forms of tai chi and other martial arts. He has also discarded the concepts of push hands and created search center which relies on internal power rather than external muscular force. He is available to students from novices to teachers who wish to take his classes or attend his workshops.

It looks like it takes 10 years of study to grasp the basic concepts. Quite frankly, I’m just not that dedicated.

Mrs. Geezer and I truly enjoy the Tai Chi classes. Dave, the Sensei is very good and his two Advanced Students, Linda and Melissa are very helpful.


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