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Terence Dunn

Terry Dunn has the best Tai Chi instructional video on the market. Here is a taste from the intro to his video. His website is Advertisements

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Tai Chi Bang Exercises

I went to Bed Bath and Beyond yesterday and bought a French Pastry Rolling Pin. I’m not going to use it to make Croissants… I’m going to Twist it. I feel sorry for her partner, it seems like she got … Continue reading

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More Tai Chi Ruler

My good friend Gabby has suffered from loss of Range Of Motion in her shoulder for years. I casually mentioned the Ruler exercises in the video I posted on June 5th. She was excited to report that after doing the … Continue reading

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Cloud Hands

Wave Hands Like Clouds looks all pretty and mellow but what practical good is it?   Here’s a pretty good tutorial on how to do that part of the form:

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Push Hands? more correctly, Search Center?

Tonight my Tai Chi instructor told me about a Sensei in British Columbia who disagreed with the nomenclature ‘Push Hands’. He thought a more ideologically correct description would be, ‘Search Center’. This is what I found when I searched for … Continue reading

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Push Hands for One

Here’s a neat demonstration of a Solo Push Hands exercise. I would call it a Bang but he calls it a Ruler.  I won’t quibble with the name because he’s pretty good with the stick and I don’t want to … Continue reading

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Rare Tai Chi Video

This is rare footage of Chen Man-Ch’ing doing the Yang, Short Form.

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